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Following are some famous, critically acclaimed, and award winning Hindi documentaries.  

  • Eka hadasa aura bhi (Documentary about a dam disaster in 1997 in Palamu district of Jharkhand which claimed 19 lives)
  • Kora raji (Documentary on the struggle of migrants from Jharkhand, working in the tea gardens of North Bengal and Assam)
  • Loha garama hai (Documentary of people surviving with the environmental threat and toxins produced by the sponge iron industry in Jharkhand, India, a process also known as DRI or direct-reduced iron for the steel industry)
  • Nalanda, dharohara evam vartamana (Documentary on Nava Nālandā Mahāvihāra, an institution of Pali and Buddhist learning, brought out on the silver jubilee celebrations of the institute; includes description on Nālandā Mahāvihāra Site, India, and Buddhism in Nalanda, India)
  • Pyara Master (Documentary on the life and works of Pyārā Kerakeṭṭā, 1903-1973, pioneer in education, social reform, and a politician of Jharkhand, India)
  • Ragih kanah ko bonga buru (Documentary on problems faced by the tribals due to radiation and radioactive wastes from uranium mines in Jadugoda, a small township in Jharkhand, India)
  • Roro ki abhisapta pahariyam (Documentary on plight of victims of pollution due to asbestos mines in the hills of Ro Ro, Jharkhand in India)
  • Vikasa banduka ki nala se (This film examines state orchestrated violence against indigenous and local people whenever they protest against development projects on their lands. The filmmakers present examples from all over the India. In each case, the local police force has been deployed to brutalise and even kill protestors, often on trumped up charges of violence)
  • Morality TV & loving Jihad (The film seeks to understand the emotional impact of the language used in television "exposes" and "breaking" news, the language of desire and surveillance in the backdrop of Operation Majnu, where police officers attacked about 30 couples sitting in a Meerut park for "moral turpitude" which the media covered extensively)
  • Anwar--dream of a dark night (The film delves into the theme of achieving big dreams from modest backgrouns. The film explores the tenacity of human spirit, by focusing on how a migrant to Delhi achieves his dream of making a theatre in his village by working a range of lowly and menial jobs)
  • Apna aloo bazaar becha (The film will look at Jardhaargaon, a small village in Tehri Garhwal that leads the Beej Bachao Andolan, a movement that seeks to ensure food security through agricultural bio-diversity and revival of traditional irrigation and natural farming practices. The story will be told through the voices of three generations of its women who have turned this hope into a living realisation through local self-governance)

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