Friday, November 27, 2009

HINDI LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE -- Annual Publishing Output and Publisingh Trends

Around 20,000-25,000
Note: India is 7th largest publisher in world out of which 25% of titles are published in Hindi


Articles in Blogs and Magazines:

  • Publishing in India Today: 19,000 Publishers, 90,000 Titles, Many Opportunities (Publishing Perspectives; July 6, 2011) Part 1 of our look at India’s publishing industry reveals rising challenges for editorial departments, new business models for distribution, and the rise of agenting in India.
    Excerpt from the article: The publishing industry in South Asia as a whole, and India in particular, has never seen better times. There has been an astounding increase in the number of titles originating from and being produced in the region, in addition to large-scale investment in retail, fresh marketing tools and increasing standards of book production. The Indian scenario is particularly unique. With a whopping 550 million people below the age of 30, and with a significant and consumerist middle class, book sales in the country could well surpass all expectations.
    Amidst this excitement, one still finds a fractured infrastructure that presents a huge challenge and a consequent opportunity for the industry. First, there is the challenge of finding interested and trained professionals. Publishing was, and in many ways still is, a family-owned and family-run business, which means that many people in the profession were literally born into publishing.
  • Publishing in India Today: Growing Imports/Exports, Territoriality, Piracy and Digital(Publishing Perspectives; July 7, 2011)

    Excerpt from the article: In part 2 of our series on “Publishing in India Today” we consider India’s growing exposure to the international book markets, challenges to copyright law, the continuing problem of piracy and Indian e-books.
    Of the many issues that are currently bringing together the publishing community in India, the issue that has generated one of the most significant responses is the proposed amendments to the country’s copyright law. Though there is a clear divide between people for and against it, publishers almost unanimously oppose the amendment.
    As proposed, the amendment sanctions parallel imports, which allow the import of multiple editions of books into the Indian market, rendering the whole point of territorial rights a bit useless.

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